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In the last 10 years My partner, Gillian, and I have visited 26 countries around the world - Asia, Europe and South and Central America.  My degree is in Geography but until recently, my travel was limited to trips back and forth to see my parents in Northern Michigan and typical get-aways to Hawaii and Mexico.  

This travel has had a profound effect on me; overseas travel is humbling and eye-opening in many ways - it makes it easy to understand that in most respects, unless one travels to truly exotic locales, we all have the same basic concerns. 

In any case, an additional benefit has been a wealth of subject matter for my cameras.  In this section you will see a tiny fraction of the beauty that is present in the world, be in Hong Kong or London or Rio de Janeiro.  Enjoy the ride and I encourage anyone interested in these places to go there - you will be better for it.

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